Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Even god can't help India: Supreme Court

NDTV Correspondent
Tuesday, August 05, 2008, (New Delhi)

"Even God also can't help this country. God is also silent spectator in the country," the Supreme Court said this in the wake of lack of governance in the country.The apex court was upset with the centre for not doing anything about illegal occupants of government houses and refusing to bring in harsher laws."The Centre and state governments have become non-functional. If we pass some order, those in power say judicial activism, but when they are out of power they come here," said the two-judge Bench.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

you can live in India even if u have no money

all u need is a suit and a fair complexion

if u r hungry
go to the nearest cathoilc church at 9 PM
every church has wedding halls
walk in unvited

u will not be caught
nobody will ask u who u r

the brides people will think u r from the bridegrooms side
and vice versa

sit at any table and enjoy the wedding reception
go to the bar and get your self a drink
put on a smiling face all the time
snacks will be served at your table

ask any girl u fancy for a dance
she will not refuse

have a good time
dinner is buffet style
eat to your hearts content

and walk away when the music stops
the law requires all weddings to end at 11 PM sharp

dont go up to the stage to wish the bridal couple
u will be caught

not that it matters
they will not create a scene

Have funn

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mumbai party take a dekho

Mumbai: party capital of India ???
Kirsty Lang
Last Updated: 3:27PM GMT 26/02/2008
Kirsty Lang follows the trail of India's Beautiful People though hip clubs, chic restaurants and trendy art galleries.
I had just ordered a cocktail named after a sexual position when I spotted the giant bamboo egg sitting in the corner of the bar. The light was dim – red and orange silk wrapped around neon – but I could see a glamorous woman in tight jeans and stilettos climbing into it. “That’s the Ladies,” explained my friend and tour guide to Mumbai’s trendiest bars.
Seijo and the Soul Fish is in Bhandra, the favourite suburb of the Bollywood set. Inside, it throbs with music, beautiful people and trendy DJs. You could be in Soho or Manhattan. But outside it looks like a run-down, concrete office block: the only clues to its fashionable interior are the BMWs and Land Rovers parked on the muddy, potholed street alongside motorised rickshaws.
Bars like Seijo are where the “Page Three” set hangs out. In Mumbai that doesn’t mean topless models but the society page of The Times of India, which features colour spreads on celebrities and the nouveau riche. Getting on to page three is the aspiration of every Mumbai socialite.
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